Sky Island

If affluance had a look, it would be Sky Island. If Wealth had a smell, it would smell like the mixture of polished marble and spices and wine. If riches had a taste it would taste like the finest foods across all of Prima. If power has a home, it is Sky Island.

Everyone agrees when Triumvert was established the three islands rested in a triangle upon the sea. Nobody quite knows when, although it’s believed roughly 800 years ago Sky Island shook free its material shackles and rose from the water. Ripping free of the continental shelf, affected by the high levels of magical and planar energy focused within the Nexus, Sky Island took to the skies and has never looked down since. Approximately 300m above the horizon the island is calculated to be rising about half a meter a decade according to the The Sky Elevator overseers. Great cracks of rock can be seen upon the underside of the city from the sea and platform dock but from the air, as most visitors and inhabiants travel a blazing crown of reflections simmer across the sea from the various wonders of architecture. From the towering glory of the The Council Chambers to the elegant solemnity of the Temple of Stars, upon Sky Island you are only a corner away from being reminded of the wealth, power and beauty money can provide.

With sunlight glinting off a hundred different shades of shaded marble it is easy to believe that all that is good and holy resides within the temples and monuments. The city however holds many dark rumours and secrets. Often the favourite pastime of nobles gossip runs riot through the streets, drinking dens and high class brothels that serve the inhabitants, catering to almost any need. The nobles play high politics here and the clever businessman is loathe to intervene as the fortunes of lesser men are just dice to be cast.

Despite being the largest island of the three, Sky Island’s population numbers at around a mere 300,000, the majority of which are servants and attendants to the powerful few and their households.

Sky Island

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