Goldsea Island

“Wait for it…Ahhh yes, that’s the Harbour of Gold. See it, Oh yes. Isn’t it beautiful? Look at those statues. All that gold? From beyond the nexus you know. Yup, you can go there if you want and they say you get to keep a portion of whatever you find or farm. Me? Oh no, the ships too fussy without me here looking after her sails. Yes, I know. Isn’t she Beautiful? Goldsea island. Isn’t she beautiful. You look like all the others you know. Wonderstruck. It must be amazing inside, hardly anyone ever leaves. I hear theres hundreds of worlds just waiting for new colonists. Just be careful, that license there is a valuable thing, don’t be losing it no…Woah woah woah there, Hold on. Secure that rigging!”

The truth of Goldsea lays behind the glittering golden Harbour, behind studded gem parapets and shined walls. It lies in the dank black soul of the slums. People come from all around the world to Goldsea. A new future, a bright new world. A new hope. This was true once but nobody decided to let the Tourist department know things have changed in the last thousand years or so.

The truth lies in the mugging victims waking groggily to cut pursestrings or not waking to cut throats. The truth lies in families stacked on top of each other, twenty people to a house, children running the streets naked and impoverished. The truth lies in cold steel and harder allegiances to one mob or another.

Poverty, Crime and Secrecy are the watchwords of Goldsea, the shining bastion of agriculture.

Goldsea Island

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