Craftend Island

There are a great many metropolis of innovation upon the material plane scattered across the lands and oceans. None, however match the diversity and depth of creativity of Craftend Island. A product of a thousand years of Cultural integration and promotion of the innovation, craftend boasts the highest number of masters of the art anywhere.

Unfortunately with progress comes consequences. Most of the islands surface is covered in sprawling factories of one kind of another, belching out all kinds of noxious fumes from the central chimmney stack which sits astride the roof of God’s Forge. A couple hundred years ago a particularly forward thinking ruling council decided that pollution on the city streets was undesirable, and thus enforced strict conditions on disposal of waste, mostly meaning a vast network of pipes and gutters lead the fumes into one massive plume of black rising above the island, all day every day. This coupled with the Dwarven propensity for subterranian homes has meant that whilst Craftend is considerably more affluant than Goldsea, the streets themselves are still quite girmmy. The true wealth lays below the city, with innumerable housing districts, inns, brothels, even entire shopping districts beneath the surface connected via an equally vast system of tunnels establishing an even more complicated set of thoroughfares than even the roads above that harbour the endless stream of carts taking goods and materials this way and that.

Due to the plume of smoke rising above the island, no legitimate zeppelin makes its docking upon Craftend proper, using the series of airdocks a mile or so out of the island anchored on a particularly expansive network of reefs and rocks. Smugglers, however have been reported to use the smog and smoke as cover to make their clandestine journeys.

The island itself contains about half a million to three quarters a million people, of all races and creed making it the most multicultural island not only of the Triumvert but of the world over, both the secret to its success and innumerable stresses upon the population. The Craftend city guards were, historically the least able to keep law and order, however Grank Fist’s reforms over the past 2 decades have turned the city guards into a suprisingly effective force.

Craftend Island

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