Come to Triumvert Islands!

No matter your shape, size, or skillset, there is a place for you!

Farmers: There are thousands of cheap farming licenses waiting for you and your family! Room and board provided on the beautiful Goldsea Island! Ship’s fees to get you and yours to the islands is included in your license!

Artisans: No matter what you can make, Craftend Island needs your services! Producing all the goods this modern world has come to rely on, there is always work to be had for willing hands! Whether you need a contract for life or for the month, we have it!

Artists: Even the most experienced poet cannot help but be inspired anew by the splendor of Sky Island! The grand architecture and fine landscaping invites any painter to take up his brush!

See the sights! Meet exciting new people from all across the planes! Find all the best of what the world has to offer!

Come to Triumvert! We are building a better tomorrow, where your work matters!

Building a better tomorrow

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